2018 Feature | RELAXER

By North Bend Film Festival (other events)

Sunday, August 26 2018 5:05 PM 6:36 PM

Washington Premiere

USA | 2018 | 91 Minutes | Dir. Joel Potrykus

An outrageous chamber piece set in an apartment living room just before the ball drops on Y2K, American indie mainstay Joel Potrykus’ latest follows an obsessive couch potato slacker incapable of conquering any challenge his abusive older brother eggs him on to complete. In an effort to finally redeem himself he takes on his most epic challenge yet–to beat the impossible final level of Pac-Man without ever leaving the couch. Glued to his seat by sweat, soda and no shortage of bodily fluids, his desperate quest is fraught with gross out humor and darkly comedic perils as all sense of time is lost and takes a turn towards downright mania in a satisfyingly exhilarating conclusion.—Joseph Hernandez